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This table shows the resistivity (ρ), conductivity and temperature coefficient of various materials at 20 (68 , 293 )

The effective temperature coefficient varies with temperature and purity level of the material. The 20°C value is only an approximation when used at other temperatures. For example, the coefficient becomes lower at higher temperatures for copper, and the value 0.00427 is commonly specified at 7002273149999999999♠ 0°C . [37]

The extremely low resistivity (high conductivity) of silver is characteristic of metals. George Gamow tidily summed up the nature of the metals' dealings with electrons in his science-popularizing book, One, Two, Three...Infinity (1947):

The metallic substances differ from all other materials by the fact that the outer shells of their atoms are bound rather loosely, and often let one of their electrons go free. Thus the interior of a metal is filled up with a large number of unattached electrons that travel aimlessly around like a crowd of displaced persons. When a metal wire is subjected to electric force applied on its opposite ends, these free electrons rush in the direction of the force, thus forming what we call an electric current.

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gives a basic description of electron flow in metals.

Wood is widely regarded as an extremely good insulator, but its resistivity is sensitively dependent on moisture content, with damp wood being a factor of at least 7010100000000000000♠ 10 10 worse insulator than oven-dry. [33] In any case, a sufficiently high voltage – such as that in lightning strikes or some high-tension powerlines – can lead to insulation breakdown and electrocution risk even with apparently dry wood.

The electrical resistivity of most materials changes with temperature. If the temperature T does not vary too much, a linear approximation is typically used:

where α {\displaystyle \alpha } is called the temperature coefficient of resistivity , T 0 {\displaystyle T_{0}} is a fixed reference temperature (usually room temperature), and ρ 0 {\displaystyle \rho _{0}} is the resistivity at temperature T 0 {\displaystyle T_{0}} . The parameter α {\displaystyle \alpha } is an empirical parameter fitted from measurement data. Because the linear approximation is only an approximation, α {\displaystyle \alpha } is different for different reference temperatures. For this reason it is usual to specify the temperature that α {\displaystyle \alpha } was measured at with a suffix, such as α 15 {\displaystyle \alpha _{15}} , and the relationship only holds in a range of temperatures around the reference. [38] When the temperature varies over a large temperature range, the linear approximation is inadequate and a more detailed analysis and understanding should be used.

Notice that the Chi-square is related to F-statistics as follows: F = Chi-square/d.f. 1 , where F has (d.f. 1 = d.f. of the Chi-square-table, and d.f. 2 is the largest available in the F-table)

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s, the Chi-square has the additive property. For example, for two independent Chi-square variables, their sum is also Chi-square with degrees of freedom equal to the sum of the d.f. of the individual d.f.s. Thus the unbiased sample variance for a sample of size n from N (0,1) is a sum of n-1 Chi-squares, each with d.f. = 1, hence Chi-square with d.f. = n-1.

The most widely used applications of Chi-square distribution are:

The Chi-square Test for Association which is a non-parametric test; therefore, it can be used for nominal data too. It is a test of statistical significance widely used bivariate tabular association analysis. Typically, the hypothesis is whether or not two populations are different in some characteristic or aspect of their behavior based on two random samples. This test procedure is also known as the Pearson Chi-square test.

The Chi-square Goodness-of-Fit Test is used to test if an observed distribution conforms to any particular distribution. Calculation of this goodness-of-fit test is by comparison of observed data with data expected based on a particular distribution.

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to find its P-values.

The Expected Value (i.e., averages):

Expected value is another name for the mean and (arithmetic) average.

It is an important statistic, because, your customers want to know what to “expect”, from your product/service OR as a purchaser of “raw material” for your product/service you need to know what you are buying, in other word what you expect to get:

To read-off the meaning of the above formula, consider computation of the average of the following data

2, 3, 2, 2, 0, 3

(2 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 3) / 6

[ 2(3) + 3(2) + 0(1)] / 6 = 2(3/6) + 3(2/6) + 0(1/6)

Expected value is known also as the First Moment , borrowed from Physics, because it is the point of balance where the data and the probabilities are the distances and the weights, respectively.

The Variance is:

Var(X) = E[(X- m ) 2 ] = E[X 2 - 2X m + m 2 ].

We simplify this using the above rules. First, because the expectation of a sum equals the sum of expectations:

Var(X) = E[X 2 ] - E[2X m ] + E[ m 2 ].

Then, because constants may be taken out of an expectation:

Var(X) = E[X 2 ] - 2 m E[X] + m 2 E[1] = E[X 2 ] - 2 m 2 + m 2 = E[X 2 ] - m 2 .

Liberal Politics, Media Criticism General Mayhem

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Flying Eyeball by Rick Griffin.

To say that New Orleans is a football town is a grotesque understatement. Between the Saints and LSU Tigers, gridiron love runs deep in the Crescent City. But last Monday, local sports fans were talking about the NBA Pelicans. Our local hoopsters lost 2 players to free agency: Rajon Rondo and DeMarcus (Boogie) Cousins. The latter Boogied to the Warriors and the surly Rondo signed with the Lakers. I was one of the few local hoops fans to take this in stride. Rondo was a team leader last year after 12 years as a locker room cancer and occasional gay basher . Boogie Cousins had a torn ACL, which is an injury that usually diminishes big men when they return. I had a torn ACL myself. It ended my unpromising career as a little leaguer. So it goes.

In other local news, new Mayor LaToya Cantrell continues her incomprehensible PR campaign:

is more than a hashtag. It’s a culture I ask you to help me build in New Orleans from our residents to our business community. It’s about saying Yes to being intentional everyday about how we treat our neighbors, where we spend our money and cleaning up our city.

— Mayor LaToya Cantrell (@mayorcantrell)

I still haven’t the foggiest notion as to what “being intentional” means. Of course, I may just be unintentionally dim. I had an intentionally amusing twitter exchange inspired by the Mayor’s tweet. Two of my twitter friends evoked the image of Matt Foley, Chris Farley’s failed motivational speaker, culminating in this tweet from my old pal Liprap :

Technically, everybody is living down by the river…

— liprap (@liprap)

This week’s theme song is a bona fide hippie anthem. Get Together was written by Dino Valenti who is best known as lead singer for Quicksilver Messenger Service. Valenti was a man of many names: he was born Chester Powers and also wrote songs as Jesse Orris Farrow.

We have three versions of Get Together for your listening pleasure. First, the Youngbloods, a band so hippie dippy that their keyboard player was nicknamed Banana , followed by the pre-Grace Slick Jefferson Airplane, and a recent live version by Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore.

In case you’re wondering, the featured image is by Rick Griffin who was one of the legendary Sixties rock poster artists. The image itself was originally on a poster for a Youngbloods show at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco.

Now that we’ve discussed the Flying Eyeball, let’s make like Evel Knievel and jump to the break.

We begin our second act with a piece that honors the return of The Shahs of Sunset . Just kidding. The first segment is not about trash teevee but about Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran.

An example of the first type is that although midi dress Nude amp; Neutrals OLYMPIAH Discount Aaa yiap5wc
owns the trademark "Whisper Quiet" for its dishwashers, makers of other products may describe their goods as being "whisper quiet" so long as these products do not fall under the same category of goods the trademark is protected under.

An example of the second type is that can run advertisements saying that a trade publication has rated an Audi model higher than a model, since they are only using "BMW" to identify the competitor. In a related sense, an auto mechanic can truthfully advertise that he services Volkswagens , [33] and a former Playboy Playmate of the Year can identify herself as such on her website. [34]

Various jurisdictions have laws which are designed to prevent trademark owners from making wrongful threats of trademark infringement action against other parties. These laws are intended to prevent large or powerful companies from intimidating or harassing smaller companies.

Where one party makes a threat to sue another for trademark infringement, but does not have a genuine basis or intention to carry out that threat, or does not carry out the threat at all within a certain period, the threat may itself become a basis for legal action. [35] In this situation, the party receiving such a threat may seek from the Court a declaratory judgment ; also known as a declaratory ruling.

Trademark law is designed to fulfill the Natural And Freely Wide Range Of Cheap Online Peter Pilotto Woman Offtheshoulder Printed Cotton Top Azure Size 12 Peter Pilotto Sale 2018 vl4295zIyi
objective of consumer protection , by preventing the public from being misled as to the origin or quality of a product or service. By identifying the commercial source of products and services, trademarks facilitate identification of products and services which meet the expectations of consumers as to quality and other characteristics.

Trademarks may also serve as an incentive for manufacturers, providers or suppliers to consistently provide quality products or services to maintain their business reputation. Furthermore, if a trademark owner does not maintain quality control and adequate supervision in relation to the manufacture and provision of products or services supplied by a licensee, such "naked licensing" will eventually adversely affect the owner's rights in the trademark. For US law see, ex. Eva's Bridal Ltd. v. Halanick Enterprises, Inc. 639 F.3d 788 (7th Cir. 2011). This proposition has, however, been watered down by the judgment of the House of Lords in the case of Scandecor Development AB v. Scandecor Marketing AB et al. [2001] UKHL 21; wherein it has been held that the mere fact that a bare license (equivalent of the United States concept of a naked license) has been granted did not automatically mean that a trademark was liable to mislead.

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