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Adjust your profile and preferences to make Slack work just for you!

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Notifications can beessential during working hours, but everyoneneeds downtime:that’s why Slack has Do Not Disturb and snooze settings.

Setting Do Not Disturb (DND) hours will automatically disable notifications while you’re not working, whereas manually snoozing notifications allows you to disable them on the fly. When Do Not Disturb or snooze is in effect, Slack will not send you notifications (desktop, mobile, or email) for the messages or @mentions you receive.

Do Not Disturb and snooze are reflected in your Slack status. When one of these settings is active, a snooze icon will appear by your name.

Keep in mind: If a teammate sends you a direct message when you're in DND mode, Slackbot will give them the option to push a notification through if it's urgent.

Keep in mind: Schedule Do Not Disturb




bell icon Do Not Disturb schedule Do Not Disturb close icon Settings. Do Not Disturb. Scheduled, three dots Notifications

Instead, adjust your schedule from thedesktop app. Youcan still use the slash command /dnd followed by theamount of time you want to be undisturbed, if you'd like.

Note: Workspace Owners and Admins can get their members started with Do Not Disturb by setting a default schedule. See Set default Do Not Disturb hours .

Snooze notifications




snooze Turn OFF Adjust time. Snooze Notifications Turn OF Snooze Menu icon

Slash commands

You can also snooze notifications by using the /dnd command. For example, you could say:

When notifications are snoozed, simply type /dnd to turn them on again.

Note: Snoozing notifications will override your Do Not Disturb schedule. So, if your DND hours are about to end, and you set Slack to snooze for 2 hours, you won’t receive any notifications until those 2 hours are up.

Thanks so much for your feedback!

Thanks for your feedback.

If you’d like a member of our support team to respond to you, please send a note to .

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Many viruses and bacterias could cause meningitis—it’s a rare reaction to an infection. Strep pneumoniae, Neisseria meningitidis (of which around 10% of the population is a natural carrier of, walking around with it in the back of their nose and throat), Haemophilus influenzae, Listeria, and viruses like enteroviruses, herpes simplex, HIV, mumps, West Nile Virus, rotavirus, etc. can all cause meningitis.

Menegitis cause by neisseria meningitidis is VERY RARE with a one in a million chance of getting the disease. CDC reports its at an all time low. 372 cases in 2016. Less than 3 people a year average get bacterial or viral meningitis in Idaho. Death from the disease is VERY VERY RARE. Idaho health department recently decided to add a booster shot of meningitis to the high school requirements. Here's an article showing you how rare and ineffective the vaccine is.

There is no vaccine that covers all these types of meningitis. There are two Meningococcal vaccines in the USA, and each covers only a few strains of Neisseria meningitidis.

For someone to develop Meningitis, bacteria needs to enter the bloodstream and travel to the brain and spinal cord to cause acute bacterial meningitis. Or bacteria directly invade the meninges. This may be caused by an ear or sinus infection, a skull fracture, or, rarely, after some surgeries. Or...What about vaccines? Bacterial and viral components are injected directly into a tiny infants muscle, then are processed by the immune system via the blood stream. A vaccine also suppresses your immune system even further. Infants often present with other infections after vaccinations, because their immune system is working overtime.

Learn More about Meningitis. Don't be robbed of truth and informed consent by media spin.

Vaccine reactions include meningitis as reported from vaccine inserts on the recommended 4th month old vaccine schedule."Other serious adverse events that occurred within 30 days following DAPTACEL include three cases of pneumonia, two cases of MENINGITIS and one case each of sepsis, pertussis (post-dose 1), irritability and unresponsiveness." "In addition to reports in clinical trials, worldwide voluntary reports of adverse events received for ENGERIX-B since market introduction (1990) are listed below. This list includes SAEs or events that have a suspected causal connection to components of ENGERIX-B. Infections and Infestations: Herpes zoster, MENINGITIS."

"Worldwide voluntary reports of adverse events received for INFANRIX and/or ENGERIX-B in children younger than 7 years of age, but not already reported for PEDIARIX, are listed below. This list includes serious adverse events or events that have a suspected causal connection to components of INFANRIX and/or ENGERIX-B. Nervous System Disorders: Encephalopathy, headache, MENINGITIS, neuritis, neuropathy, paralysis."

Several backslash escapes allow arbitrary values to be encoded as ASCII text. There are four ways to represent the integer value as a numeric constant: \x followed by exactly two hexadecimal digits; \u followed by exactly four hexadecimal digits; \U followed by exactly eight hexadecimal digits, and a plain backslash \ followed by exactly three octal digits. In each case the value of the literal is the value represented by the digits in the corresponding base.

Although these representations all result in an integer, they have different valid ranges. Octal escapes must represent a value between 0 and 255 inclusive. Hexadecimal escapes satisfy this condition by construction. The escapes \u and \U represent Unicode code points so within them some values are illegal, in particular those above 0x10FFFF and surrogate halves.

After a backslash, certain single-character escapes represent special values:

All other sequences starting with a backslash are illegal inside rune literals.

A string literal represents a string constant obtained from concatenating a sequence of characters. There are two forms: raw string literals and interpreted string literals.

Raw string literals are character sequences between back quotes, as in `foo` . Within the quotes, any character may appear except back quote. The value of a raw string literal is the string composed of the uninterpreted (implicitly UTF-8-encoded) characters between the quotes; in particular, backslashes have no special meaning and the string may contain newlines. Carriage return characters ('\r') inside raw string literals are discarded from the raw string value.

Interpreted string literals are character sequences between double quotes, as in "bar" . Within the quotes, any character may appear except newline and unescaped double quote. The text between the quotes forms the value of the literal, with backslash escapes interpreted as they are in Outlet 2018 Free Shipping Find Great Freedom Tshirt Black Red Valentino Best Store To Get Sale Online uRqwE
(except that \' is illegal and \" is legal), with the same restrictions. The three-digit octal ( \ nnn ) and two-digit hexadecimal ( \x nn ) escapes represent individual bytes of the resulting string; all other escapes represent the (possibly multi-byte) UTF-8 encoding of individual characters . Thus inside a string literal \377 and \xFF represent a single byte of value 0xFF =255, while ÿ , \u00FF , \U000000FF and \xc3\xbf represent the two bytes 0xc3 0xbf of the UTF-8 encoding of character U+00FF.

These examples all represent the same string:

If the source code represents a character as two code points, such as a combining form involving an accent and a letter, the result will be an error if placed in a rune literal (it is not a single code point), and will appear as two code points if placed in a string literal.

Smart, connected products require that companies build an entirely new technology infrastructure, consisting of a series of layers known as a “technology stack” (see the exhibit “The New Technology Stack”). This includes modified hardware, software applications, and an operating system embedded in the product itself; network communications to support connectivity; and a product cloud (software running on the manufacturer’s or a third-party server) containing the product-data database, a platform for building software applications, a rules engine and analytics platform, and smart product applications that are not embedded in the product. Cutting across all the layers is an identity and security structure, a gateway for accessing external data, and tools that connect the data from smart, connected products to other business systems (for example, ERP and CRM systems).

Smart, connected products require companies to build and support an entirely new technology infrastructure. This “technology stack” is made up of multiple layers, including new product hardware, embedded software, connectivity, a product cloud consisting of software running on remote servers, a suite of security tools, a gateway for external information sources, and integration with enterprise business systems.

Find this and other HBR graphics in our Visual Library

This technology enables not only rapid product application development and operation but the collection, analysis, and sharing of the potentially huge amounts of longitudinal data generated inside and outside the products that has never been available before. Building and supporting the technology stack for smart, connected products requires substantial investment and a range of new skills—such as software development, systems engineering, data analytics, and online security expertise—that are rarely found in manufacturing companies.

Intelligence and connectivity enable an entirely new set of product functions and capabilities, which can be grouped into four areas: monitoring, control, optimization, and autonomy. A product can potentially incorporate all four (see the exhibit “Capabilities of Smart, Connected Products”). Each capability is valuable in its own right and also sets the stage for the next level. For example, monitoring capabilities are the foundation for product control, optimization, and autonomy. A company must choose the set of capabilities that deliver its customer value and define its competitive positioning.

The capabilities of smart, connected products can be grouped into four areas: monitoring, control, optimization, and autonomy. Each builds on the preceding one; to have control capability, for example, a product must have monitoring capability.

Find this and other HBR graphics in our Visual Library

Smart, connected products enable the comprehensive monitoring of a product’s condition, operation, and external environment through sensors and external data sources. Using data, a product can alert users or others to changes in circumstances or performance. Monitoring also allows companies and customers to track a product’s operating characteristics and history and to better understand how the product is actually used. This data has important implications for design (by reducing overengineering, for example), market segmentation (through the analysis of usage patterns by customer type), and after-sale service (by allowing the dispatch of the right technician with the right part, thus improving the first-time fix rate). Monitoring data may also reveal warranty compliance issues as well as new sales opportunities, such as the need for additional product capacity because of high utilization.

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