Used Technogym Kinesis Step and Squat Station


The intuitive, simple Kinesis Stations Step-Squat machine trains all the lower body muscles, making everyday activities easier, as well as helping to improve self awareness, balance, and coordination. With the Kinesis Stations Step-Squat machine, the user can reproduce all the main lower limb movements that they normally perform on a daily basis, such as getting up from a chair, or going up and down the stairs. The two horizontal cables at the sides of the platform transfer the workload selected for the user ‘s workout.The patented Full Gravity Technology allows the Kinesis Stations Step-Squat machine ‘s user to activate complete kinetic chains rather than isolated muscles. This provides for integrated, dynamic movements that can be fully customized, and are perfectly suited to a wide range of training objectives. Free movements, few adjustments, and double weight stacks means each cable controls a single independent resistance level. Kinesis provides a combination of strength and functional training.