M-Fitness XL Half Rack


This new M-Fitness XL Half Rack is custom made to fit any scenario, the XL Series rack is the evolution of our original Base Fit rig series. Originally titled “Base Fit XL” as we moved from 2” to 3” steel components, the Base Fit rig was the genesis of the modern-day rig with modular pieces that are customizable to fit any space or application. All copies and other 4-way hole racks and rigs are based on this design.

Today, the XL Series racks and rigs offer an optimized solution for the demands of modern strength coaches and athletes. High schools, colleges, and home gym owners look to the XL Series racks and rigs for an extremely high return on their investment. Expand or adjust as your program evolves. Custom branding options give you the look of our Base Camp rack series without the cost. Created with the same quality and dedication